31st March deadline for FIT applications for systems with MCS certificates issued before 15th Jan 2016

a recent new build solar pv installationLeeds Solar have just become aware that on 10th March DECC slipped in a Statutory Instrument that takes effect today (31st March 2016) that results in  the following urgent issue.

All existing renewable energy installations with an MCS certificate issued before 15th January 2016 must submit their Feed-In Tariff application by 31st March 2016 or they will never be able to claim any Feed-In Tariff or Export payments.

This issue is not mentioned in any Ofgem guidance as there have been no updates since the legislation was drafted, but it has recently been added to the Energy Saving Trust Fed In Tariff guidance page, copied below

  • A requirement for customers to have applied by 31 March 2016 at the latest if their installation has a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate issue date and commissioning date of 14 January 2016 or earlier. This applies to all MCS technologies under the scheme. 

We have produced a revised version of appropriate sections of the legislation including the new amendments at the bottom of this blog article, as well as a quick guide to the issue for those potentially affected.

Who does this affect?

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Thatcher's energy privatisation legacy

In the midst of all the eulogising about Thatcher, let's take the opportunity to take stock of the impact of her privatisation agenda on the UK power generation sector.


  • 75% of UK power generation capacity is foreign owned, or to put it another way..
  • 75% of profits from the privatised electricity companies go abroad
  • 20% of UK power generation capacity is owned by foreign governments
  • Germany owns more UK power generation capacity than is owned by UK citizens, companies and state combined.
  • Nearly 70% of UK nuclear capacity is ultimately owned by foreign state owned companies


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Export rate increases to 4.64p

10kWp solar PV on a Yorkshire farmExport Rate Increase

The export rate paid for all new solar PV installations, as well as those installed at the previous 4.5p export rate, is to rise to 4.64p per kWh from April 2013 onwards.

This increase is confirmed at the foot of the table of quarterly Feed In Tariff rate changes released by Ofgem earlier this month.

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98% of UK solar PV systems are achieving their performance targets - Sheffield University study

all black solar installationAn independent 2 year study conducted by Sheffield University researchers who collected data from over 2000 UK based solar PV installations has shown that 98% of these systems achieved their predicted annual generation figures, with only 2% of systems failing to reach their SAP predictions.

Dr Alistair Buckley, a university lecturer who is leading the project, said he was surprised that so many of the units were operating so well.

He said: “There are basically three main technology types that have been deployed in the UK, and they are all working well - that is ‘to spec’. They do what they say on the tin most of the time.

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Are the 2013 solar panel price rises starting?

After 18 months of continuous severe price reductions in the solar market, it looks to us as if solar panel prices in the UK may well have started rebounding from their recently low prices.

We've just been checking our suppliers prices and have noticed prices from most of the major suppliers seem to have started going up a little in the last month, as shown below.


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