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Bright Future Energy Consultancy Launches

Leeds Solar are proud to announce the formal launch of our specialist energy consultancy company, Bright Future Energy Ltd, in partnership with Professor Gordon E Andrews, and Professor Bernard M Gibbs from the Leeds University Energy Research Institute.

Bright Future Energy Ltd formalises an informal consultancy arrangement that Leeds Solar has operated with Professor Andrews & Gibbs as well as other members and students of the  Energy Research Institute for the last couple of years.

The consultancy aims to cover a range of areas within the energy field, giving industry and the public sector access to the expertise our 2 lead Professorial Consultants have built up over their 90-100 year combined high level energy research, industry and teaching experience.

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Guest — johnboiler2011
Greatly explained about the solar energy and the importance of renewable energy installers
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 01:33
Guest — Solar Electrical Systems
yes now the time has arrived to increase the use of Solar power or solar energy in our life.nice description from your side thanks... Read More
Tuesday, 04 September 2012 07:19
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Leeds Solar installation and stock UPDATE 08/02/2012

Leeds Solar are now taking bookings for March installations, with slots available for solar PV installations before any changes to the FIT schemes that may apply from the end of March.

We understand DECC are due to make an announcement about these changes on 9th February, and will update our website with an analysis of these changes as soon as we can.

We have good availability of all stock.

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Leeds Solar stock and installation slots UPDATE 27/01/12

Ultra Efficient system of Sanyo H series panels on Yorkshire Stone roof in Knaresborough 

*update 10/2/2012*

Leeds Solar have now filled all our installation slots for February and are now taking bookings for March installations only.

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Feed In Tariff update - 43.3p rate may be back until 3rd March 2012 for Solar PV


*10.12.2012 - UPDATE*

*Please note this is an old blog post from the start of 2012, but seems to be getting a lot of hits still - the information is now a year out of date, please ignore it*

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