EPC arrangements and 30th June FIT cuts

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30th June 2012 is the next proposed date for further Feed In Tariff cuts;

Book now for pre 30th June installations

The government has proposed a further cut to the Feed In Tariff rates for solar PV from 30th June 2012, with the level of this cut being dependant upon the volume of installations that were registered in March and April.

Our analysis of these installation figures shows that it's likely that these cuts will mean the current 21p/kWh FIT rate for below 4kW solar PV installations could fall to 16.5p/kWh with similar cuts for larger installations.

We're hoping DECC will agree to defer these cuts, but would strongly advise anyone considering having a solar PV installation fitted to request a quote from Leeds Solar as soon as possible to beat the inevitable rush if DECC press ahead with these planned cuts.

The price reductions since last December mean that we're still able to offer excellent rates of return of 8-10% for many systems even at the current 21p FIT rate, so now's the time to get your solar PV system installed in time to catch the best of the summer's sunshine.

Leeds Solar are now taking bookings for May and June installations, please book now to avoid the last minute rush.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) arrangements

All solar PV installations now need to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) produced once the solar PV system has been installed that gives a rating of band D or above in order to claim the higher Feed In Tariff rates.

Leeds Solar will supply a provisional EPC assessment as standard with all our solar PV quotes, and also include a full EPC with your MCS certificate once the solar PV installation has been commissioned.

Energy Efficiency Package

If your property doesn't initially meet the band D rating, we will produce a package of low cost energy saving measures for your property to enable it to meet this band D requirement,. These measures will also save you significant amounts of energy and money for many years to come, often with better payback times than the solar PV itself.

These measures are likely to include; loft insulation top up, low energy lighting, improved heating controls, thermostatic radiator valves.

The solar PV installation itself can also usually raise a building's EPC rating up by a band, so virtually all band E properties would be capable of achieving Band D with a solar PV installation and a selection of these additional low cost measures.

If necessary we can arrange for more extensive energy saving work to be carried out such as low cost boiler replacement, cavity wall insulation, internal or external wall insulation or double glazing work, which should be able to bring all but the most energy inefficient listed buildings up to a band D EPC rating.

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