Feed In Tariff cut delayed 'a little'

Greg Barker once again used the now apparently recognised channel for making government announcements and used his Twitter feed to announce the following;

Having listened carefully to industry, we are looking at scope for pushing back a little the next proposed reduction in the  tariffs

As per usual, this announcement does nothing to clarify the situation, as the lack of an announcement on Friday 11th May, 40 parliamentary days before 1st July, already meant that we knew that any cuts would have to be delayed a little. We can't help but suspect that this announcement about a slight delay is more likely the result of a cock up at DECC regarding the date they needed to make the announcement on than DECC actually listening to the industry.

We'll keep this website updated with any further news, but the message must be for anyone contemplating installing solar PV before any cuts to get on with it to avoid the inevitable rush once the announcement is made.

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