Feed-In Tariff RPI increase for installations before 31 december 2013

Viridian-solar-in-roof-mounting-yorkshire-stone2.5% RPI inflation increase in Feed In Tariff payments for all systems registered before 31st December 2013 (estimate)

We would like to alert you to an important quirk in the Feed In Tariff scheme rules which will result in all installations that registered on or before December 31st 2013 receiving an inflation linked increase in the Feed-In Tariff rate they will receive from 1st April 2014.

This means that Solar PV systems installed in November and December 2013 will receive approximately 2.5% more in total Feed-In Tariff payments for the lifetime of the system than systems that are installed from January-March 2014, which won't see their first inflation linked increase until April 2015. (exact rate tbc)

There is also a 3% drop in the Feed-In Tariff scheduled for new installations registered after 1st April 2014.

To maximise the financial returns from your proposed solar PV installation we would strongly recommend an installation before the end of this December if possible.

We are adding additional installation slots for December to cope with increased demand, but our installation slots for November and December are now filing up fast, so we would urge potential customers to please contact us at the earliest opportunity to avoid dissappointment. 

Official DECC Guidance

  • installations with eligibility date between 1 April-31 December receive RPI adjustment from 1 April of the next FITs year
  • installations with eligibility date between 1 January – 31 March receive RPI adjustment from 1 April in the following FITs year



nb These details are correct for sub 50kWp systems, for bigger installations than this, there is a 3% FIT degression from 1st January 2014 rather than April, but the RPI increase information is still the same.

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