Leeds Solar stock and installation slots UPDATE 27/01/12

Ultra Efficient system of Sanyo H series panels on Yorkshire Stone roof in Knaresborough 

*update 10/2/2012*

Leeds Solar have now filled all our installation slots for February and are now taking bookings for March installations only.

In the wake of the Court of Appeal's decision to throw out the Government's appeal about the Feed In Tariff cut date, there has been a considerable upsurge in demand for Solar PV installations before 3rd March from customers hoping to benefit from the potential return to the previous 43.3p FIT rate that would apply IF the Government appeal is also rejected by the Supreme Court.

This has led to significant supply problems for some makes and models of panels and inverters.


Leeds Solar currently have several installation slots available towards the end of February, and have good stocking levels of the following equipment from our various ranges.

Ultra Efficient solar panels

Sanyo HIT N Series 235Wp panels 

*Update* Sanyo H Series 250Wp panels now available again

High Spec solar panels

Hyundai 250Wp mono-crystaline black framed panels

Value solar panels

Up Solar 190Wp mono-crystaline silver framed panels



SMA Sunnyboy, particularly 4000TL and the new 3600TL inverters &

Schueco mounting equipment


We have no availability of Sanyo N series 240Wp panels, or Sharp panels and are not expecting to be able to get hold of more of these panels before 3rd March. Schott panels may be avaialble on request.


Please note that Leeds Solar can not guarantee that the 43.3p rate will be available, this will be determined by the Supreme Court who have indicated they are unlikely to make a decision on this for several months.

Leeds Solar recommend that potential customers decide whether they want to have a solar PV system installed based on the returns available from the guaranteed 21p FIT rate, and view the potential for this rate to increase to 43.3p as being an added bonus that may or may not happen.

We are holding our installation rates for Leeds and surrounding areas at our reduced January rates.

To get an idea of potential prices, please check our solar PV Price Guide section, and for more information about each system range and energy outputs and rates of return please see the system range pages for Value, High Spec, and Ultra Efficient ranges.

If you would like a quote, please use our Request a Quote page to submit your details and we'll work up a quote for you as soon as we can.

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