Feed-In Tariff RPI increase for installations before 31 december 2013

Viridian-solar-in-roof-mounting-yorkshire-stone2.5% RPI inflation increase in Feed In Tariff payments for all systems registered before 31st December 2013 (estimate)

We would like to alert you to an important quirk in the Feed In Tariff scheme rules which will result in all installations that registered on or before December 31st 2013 receiving an inflation linked increase in the Feed-In Tariff rate they will receive from 1st April 2014.

This means that Solar PV systems installed in November and December 2013 will receive approximately 2.5% more in total Feed-In Tariff payments for the lifetime of the system than systems that are installed from January-March 2014, which won't see their first inflation linked increase until April 2015. (exact rate tbc)

There is also a 3% drop in the Feed-In Tariff scheduled for new installations registered after 1st April 2014.

To maximise the financial returns from your proposed solar PV installation we would strongly recommend an installation before the end of this December if possible.

We are adding additional installation slots for December to cope with increased demand, but our installation slots for November and December are now filing up fast, so we would urge potential customers to please contact us at the earliest opportunity to avoid dissappointment. 

Official DECC Guidance

  • installations with eligibility date between 1 April-31 December receive RPI adjustment from 1 April of the next FITs year
  • installations with eligibility date between 1 January – 31 March receive RPI adjustment from 1 April in the following FITs year


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No Feed-In Tariff cuts until 2014 DECC confirm

BP hyundai All Black-webDECC confirms no Feed-In Tariff cuts until at least New Years Day 2014


Following weeks of confusion and uncertainty over the period over which DECC was planning to calculate the installation figures for the preceeding 2 month 'quarter', DECC quietly slipped out the quarterly figures on 24th July.

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Next FIT cut postponed until 1st July 2013

Edited to add : This article was based on the mistaken assumption that a quarter of a year was 3 months, unfortunately DECC seem to think that a quarter can also be 2 months, so the next FIT cut is actually scheduled for 1st July and not 1st August as we had originally stated.


Leeds Solar's analysis of the latest weekly solar PV installation statistics released by DECC clearly demonstrates that there is no possibility that the quarterly installed capacity will reach the cut off threshold needed to trigger a Feed In Tariff cut on 1st May.

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Google searches for 'solar PV' are as low as at the start of the FIT scheme

Google Trends Analysis; Solar PV, England

Leeds Solar have used the google trends website to analyse the trend in the number of searches for the term 'solar PV' by google users based in England, and the results are fairly shocking.


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Feed In Tariff cut delayed 'a little'

Greg Barker once again used the now apparently recognised channel for making government announcements and used his Twitter feed to announce the following;

Having listened carefully to industry, we are looking at scope for pushing back a little the next proposed reduction in the  tariffs

As per usual, this announcement does nothing to clarify the situation, as the lack of an announcement on Friday 11th May, 40 parliamentary days before 1st July, already meant that we knew that any cuts would have to be delayed a little. We can't help but suspect that this announcement about a slight delay is more likely the result of a cock up at DECC regarding the date they needed to make the announcement on than DECC actually listening to the industry.

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EPC arrangements and 30th June FIT cuts

sanyo h series allerton bywater web

30th June 2012 is the next proposed date for further Feed In Tariff cuts;

Book now for pre 30th June installations

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July FIT cuts - analysis of the March-April solar PV figures

sanyo n series solar PV panels inverness *03/05/12 update*

It looks like we misinterpreted th figures, and DECC proposed to reference only the installation figures from 4th March-end of April 2012 to determine the FIT cuts, so the installations up to the 3rd March FIT cut shouldn't count. If this is the case, then the figures should be well into the lowest band, and the proposed 1st July FIT cut should be the smaller of the 3 proposed options for the cuts with <4kW installations moving from 21p to 16.8p per kWh.

In the phase 2a consultation document DECC laid out their plans for a further cut in the Feed In Tariff rate from 1st July 2012, with the level of that cut being based upon the capacity of solar PV with eligibility dates in 4th March to end of April 2012.

DECC gave 3 bands for the installation rates in that period that would lead to different FIT reductions as follows;

Option A = over 200MW installed, 

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A review of confirmed Feed In Tariff scheme changes 9th February 2012

4kwp-schott-195wp-black-framed-solar-pv-panels-doncaster-south-yorkshireLeeds Solar summarise the decisions DECC announced today resulting from the Feed In Tariff consultation started in October 2011.

Feed In Tariff rates for solar PV

FIT rates from 3rd March-30th June will definitely be those proposed in the consultation, as set out below.


Confirmed Feed In Tariff rates for all installations registered between

March 3rd - June 30th 2012 

FIT rates in p / kWh 4kW 4-10kW 10-50kW 50-150kW 150-250kW 250kW-5MW

Stand alone

EPC <·Band·D


3rd - 31st March

21 16.8 15.2 12.9 12.9 8.9 8.9 no change


April 1st - June 30th

21 16.8 15.2 12.9 12.9 8.9 8.9 9.0


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Leeds Solar stock and installation slots UPDATE 27/01/12

Ultra Efficient system of Sanyo H series panels on Yorkshire Stone roof in Knaresborough 

*update 10/2/2012*

Leeds Solar have now filled all our installation slots for February and are now taking bookings for March installations only.

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DECC briefing on the Feed In Tariff appeal 26/01/12 part 2

The Government today released a guide to their take on the current situation with the Feed In Tariff levels, the court decisions and what their decision to apply for permission to appeal to the Supreme court means.

Leeds Solar have reproduced it in 2 parts. This is part 2, part 1 is available at this link

Please note that as DECCs actions have currently been found to have been illegal by 2 of the highest courts in the UK, we're publishing this for information purposes only, but recommend that anything DECC say here be treated with caution as it is likely to be heavily spun. We will attempt to analyse this and respond asap.

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DECC briefing on the Feed In Tariff appeal 26/01/12 part 1

The Government today released a guide to their take on the current situation with the Feed In Tariff levels, the court decisions and what their decision to apply for permission to appeal to the Supreme court means.

Leeds Solar have reproduced it in 2 parts. This is part 1, part 2 is available at this link

DECC briefing on the Feed In Tariff Appeal 26/01/12 part 1

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Feed In Tariff update - 43.3p rate may be back until 3rd March 2012 for Solar PV


*10.12.2012 - UPDATE*

*Please note this is an old blog post from the start of 2012, but seems to be getting a lot of hits still - the information is now a year out of date, please ignore it*

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DECC don't announce a £197 million FIT budget increase...

Sir Humphrey is alive and well and working for DECCFollowing our recent blog post analysing the implications of the latest installed PV figures on the FIT budget for 2012-13, we've done some further digging and found out that DECC have done a brilliant homage to Sir Humphrey.

DECC have sneaked out an increase to the FITs budget spending envelope, by taking the money from the ROCs budget spending envelope, then claiming that it's neither an increase in the FIT budget spending envelope or a decrease in the ROC budget spending envelope despite the FIT budget going up, and the ROC budget* going down. This is because the ROC budget apparently always included money that was intended to have been in the FIT budget but they'd left it in the ROC budget because the dog ate it.

I say 'sneaked out' because they made no announcement about it, simply tucked the change away in a table and explanation note in the catchily titled 'Control Framework for DECC levyfunded spending Questions and Answers' released on the fuel poverty section of their website on the 8th December... a date when the entire industry was a wee bit busy to notice.

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Analysis of Solar PV installation figures vs the FIT budget

2 x 10kW 3 phase installation at Grimsby Market completed in December 2011 by Leeds SolarWith the latest DECC figures showing over 800MWp of installed solar PV capacity in the UK, Leeds Solar have been analysing the latest figures to see what the impact of this level of installed capacity will have on the treasury imposed FIT budget cap for 2012-13.


Analysis of UK Installed Solar PV Capacity as of 21/12/2011, and the total payments due for this installed capacity alone in 2012-13

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Feed In Tariff FAQs UPDATE 16th December 2011


As of 12th December 2011 the Feed In Tariff rates are proposed to be reduced significantly. The government proposal is for the rate for up to 4kWp installtions (standard domestic systems) to be reduced to 21p per kWh. It is our understanding that while this rate is still technically under consulation, it is virtually certain that this is the final rate that will be applied once the consulation ends.

The Feed In Tariff (FIT) is a government backed scheme that is designed to guarantee good long term financial returns for home owners with suitable roofs who choose to invest some of their savings in a Solar PV installation on their house.

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