• Commercial solar PV Installing Solar PV on commercial premises is a great way to secure the long term viability of your business against the likelihood of future energy price shocks.

    The generation from Solar PV is a perfect match for most businesses high daytime energy usage, usually resulting in payback times of 7-9 years, and IRR of 8-15%.

    Leeds Solar are experienced installers of solar PV on all commercial roof types including trapezoidal metal sheet, fibreboard, calzip, asbestos sheets, and flat roofs. New build or retrofit, we offer a full turnkey service, as well as subcontracting.
  • Residential Solar PV With our solar PV prices now 60% below 2010, installing Solar PV on your house with Leeds Solar remains one of the best long term investments a home owner can make, and it's still tax free.

    We have a wealth of experience of installing great looking, high performance solar energy systems on all roof types including slate, Yorkshire stone, Rosemary, clay pantile and flat roofs.
  • Agricultural Solar PV Solar energy is well suited to farms with high summer and daytime energy consumption such as dairy & grain.

    Leeds Solar have experience installing on most types of barn & farmhouse roofs, including fibreboard, trapezoidal metal, corrugated asbestos sheeting, slate and Yorkshire Stone.

    We supply and fit rugged, long life, high performance solar panels, inverters, mounting systems and electrical installations to withstand the rigors of the farm environment.

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